Occupational Analysis using the DACUM Process

J&R Communications offers Occupational Analysis using the DACUM process. DACUM is an acronym for Developing A Curriculum. The name’s emphasis on “curriculum” is somewhat of a misnomer, because DACUM is in fact a highly-interactive one or two-day storyboarding process that results in a precise and accurate job profile.

The analysis process creates a picture of what the worker does in terms of duties, tasks, knowledge, skills, traits and in some cases the tools the worker uses. The information is presented in graphic chart form and can include information on critical and frequently performed tasks and the training needs of workers.

Accurate and specific job information is essential to good decision-making. Nearly all approaches to quality management (e.g., Six Sigma, ISO 9000, TQM) require participating companies to use precise and detailed information about workers’ roles and responsibilities, including processes, systems, duties and tasks. A DACUM is the best means of conducting job/occupational analysis that is available.

Who uses DACUM?

  • Educational agencies, such as state departments of education, community colleges, universities and technical schools
  • Business and industry – for quality management, training program development, job restructuring, and process analysis
  • Government and military agencies

What is required to conduct a DACUM?

  • A committee of five to twelve expert workers in the field of study
  • A trained DACUM facilitator

Robin Brownhill is a certified DACUM Facilitator (since 1998). She has developed occupational analysis for the job profiles of “Shipfitter” (Delgato Community College, New Orleans, 1998); “Damage Controlman" (US Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown, VA, 2001); as well as numerous modified-DACUM task lists for the Career and Technical Resource Center, Richmond, VA (related to leadership, entrepreneurship, plumbing, agricultural curriculum, and cosmetology).

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